Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing good at your places. so today i have come up with a very interesting and important topic related to our body and health that every person should be aware off. As everyone are so busy in their day to day life, that they don’t get enough time to understand their health and body. so, no more stress now let’s start with an amazing topic where you’ll KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR BODY TYPE WITH THE AYURVEDIC DOSHAS.

Before starting, it is important for us to know a little bit of what is Ayurveda, It derives from two words Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge that constitutes life knowledge. Ayurveda is believed to be around 5000 years ago. It basically works in tridosha that is vata, pitta and kapha (that we’ll discuss below) and balances it. Our body is made up of five great qualities PANCHAMAHABHUTA that are created from BHOOMI that is LAND, AGNI that is FIRE, VAYU that is AIR, AKASH that is WIND, JAL/APAHA that is WATER so the tridoshas are their combinations and when this combination gets disturbed, we get diseases. Ayurveda eliminates diseases from the root and keep them in balance.

In our human body , these 5 elements exist in the form of these and by continuously interacting with eachother, they mix, run and operate all the functions happening in the body properly.

BHOOMI represents Mass and Inertia

JAL represents fluidity

AGNI represents heat and warmth

VAYU represents Instability and movement

AKASH represents Space occupying property.

What are Doshas?

The whole base of Ayurveda is based on tridosha (vata, pitta and kapha) and these are called doshas. Our body type, personality and behaviour is defined by the discourse of these three and the dominance of any one dosha. These words are quite popular among people but very few people really know their meaning, so let’s find in this blog what is vata, pitta and kapha actually,

whatever earth elements are there in our human body, which our body takes from different food items, these earth elements when interact with water elements of our body, then that mixer or interaction is known as Kapha, similarly when the water element of body interacts with fire element of the body, then the mixture / the dosha is known as pitta. and finally when the element enters with the space element of the body, then the mixture is known as vata. Each mixture or doshas has its own task to perform in our body. This is the three types of interaction by which all the functions of our body operate properly. According to Ayurveda, a Body with good Health is that which is in the middle of all these 3 doshas and maintain balance between these three doshas. If our body loose the balance so, from there, it starts with different types of small and big diseases in the body.

There are lot of reasons for the imbalance between vata, pitta and kapha like Genetic, Food Habits, Climatic conditions etc.In humans, anyone of these three is predominant by birth that we call as PRAKRUTIK DOSHA. So we can specifically declare that human body types as per Ayurveda is Pitta type, Vata type or Kapha type. now let us know brief about the three doshas.

1. Vata Body type

In Vata body type there is more interaction between Air and Space and is described by dry, cold, rough, mobile and light weight in nature. Vata dosha is more dominant in winters. Vata body type is all about movement as it consist of Air and space just like wind so the body is often restless and very active than the other body types. now let’s know the characteristics of this body type by listing their strength and weakness that define the individual.

Physical characteristics of Vata body type-

1. Their body frame is thin.

2. They can easily loose weight but cannot gain weight easily.

3. Their bones are light and joints are prominent.

4.The body look skinny because they have low body fat and muscle mass.

5. Their nails, skin and hair are mostly dry because of their dry quality.

6. Vatta body type people have thin hair.

7. They have dark circles under eyes because of less sleep.

Dark side of Vata body type in Ayurveda

1. These type of people don’t sleep very well and sleep much less than the average person.

2. Their way of drinking and eating is also not very good so their Digestive system is not strong.

3. These people feel more cold and less heat and have dryness in their face and skin.

4. They talk too fast and not able to focus and concentrate easily in anything, their memory power is little weak.

5. They are fickle minded and sometimes have problem in taking decisions.

6 When this body type imbalance happens They have more risk to face constipation, hypertension, weakness and stomach related problems.

Bright side of Vata body type in Ayurveda

1. These people are very active, quick and adaptive.

2. Getting good and new ideas is their speciality, that’s why they are the creators and dreamers.

3. They do not walk on the ground because they like to touch the heights of the sky and these personalities are always found to be very motivated.

4. They have the passion to win big things and they think that the other cannot master the courage to think.

5. They are quick in learning and understanding.

2. Pitta body type-

In pitta body type, there is more interaction between fire and water and is described as hot, oily, sharp, light, mobile and fluid in nature. pitta dosha is generally more dominant in summer. Their physical appearance is in well proportion and a good shape. Pitta dosha is also known to be the energy of digestion and metabolism in the body. It transform raw energy into useful energy. Now let’s know the characteristics of pitta body type by listing their strength and weakness that define the individual.

Physical characteristics of pitta body type in Ayurveda-

1. Body frame is of medium size and have a good shape.

2. Their facial expressions are very sharp and medium sized.

3. They can easily loose and gain weight as they sweat very quickly.

4. They cannot bear heat but can bear cold because of their warm body.

5. Pitta body type people have skin related issues like pimples, allergies etc.

6. They are sensitive to sunlight.

7. They have soft, silky and straight hair which are mostly light colored and of medium size.

Dark side of pitta body type in Ayurveda-

1. Pitta body type have excessive heat so they cannot bear heat .

2. They have skin related issues and body odor with bad breath.

3. These type of people are very demanding and temperamental and are sometimes also a victim of jealousy.

4. They make quick judgements in their mind and are very emotional and are not able to hide emotions.

5. They easily get conflict with others because of their quality.

Bright side of pitta body type in Ayurveda-

1. Pitta body type people have a strong personality and competitive in nature.

2. They process their thought well and take decisions quickly, Therefore they are good thinkers and leaders.

3.Their social life is very good as they get easily mix up because their personality attracts people towards them.

4. They are very intelligent in nature and have strong memory power.

5. They have good digestive system and metabolism and so food get easily digested,

3. Kapha body type-

In kapha body type there is more interaction between water and earth and is described by oily, cold, heavy, viscous, smooth and immobile. Kapha dosha is generally more dominant in spring season. Kapha body type people are strong, thick boned and loving in nature. It is responsible for stamina, structure and stability in our body. Now let’s know the characteristics of kapha body type by listing all the strength and weakness that define the individual.

Physical characteristics of kapha body type in Ayurveda-

1. They have a big size and strong body frame.

2. They have heavy bones, broad shoulders and big joints.

4. They have thick, long, wavy brown hair.

5. Their eyes are large and brown.

6. Their face and body is round.

7. They have soft, smooth and oily skin.

Dark side of kapha body type-

1. Kapha body type people can easily weight gain but loosing weight is a difficult task for them.

2. The body produces more mucus and so have respiratory issues, like cough and allergy etc.

3.They love to work slowly and do everything slowly.

4. They are too lazy and have tendency to oversleep.

5. These people are very stubborn and don’t want to change them easily.

6. These people get demotivated easily and go to depression easily.

Bright side of kapha body type-

1. These people are very calm, affectionate, loving and caring in nature.

2. they are absolute loyal and dependable.

3. They are very chill and bindass.

4. They are very intelligent and resourceful and have tendency to work faster in less time.

5. They don’t get angry easily and are happy personalities.

It is not necessary that we have only one dosha dominant in our body but there can be two dominant dosha in our body because one dosha is dominant in humans since childhood and the other dosha develops as we grow up, now a lot of factors are responsible for the dominance of other dosha like food habits, lifestyle, climatic conditions, way of living and working, so we give the second dosha a chance to be in our body and we call it as Adopt Dosha (vikriti) For eg: My body type is Pitta but i develop kapha dosha (vikriti) with time. so, technically both doshas are dominant.

Now let us study the causes of the imbalance of doshas in human body as per Ayurveda.

Vata, pitta and kapha imbalance causes-

1. Vata imbalance causes- There are lot of causes for the imbalance of vatta dosha-

  • lack of sleep and keeping awake at night.
  • excess of exercise and sexual activities
  • eating more spicy and bitter food, raw vegetables, dry and foods
  • always worried and under mental stress
  • eating cold food increases vata
  • doing activities like fasting, excessive walking and exercises which loose weight increases vata dosha
  • poor diet and lifestyle, improper time for meals.

2. Pitta imbalance causes- there are lot of causes for the imbalance of pitta dosha.

  • Eating more spicy, oily, hot and fried foods.
  • excess consumption of hot food like meat, oily fish, nuts
  • consumption of alcohol, smoking
  • consuming more dairy products
  • excessive anger and stress can hamper the health
  • eating market packed foods that can lead to skin problems
  • sitting in the sun for long hourr
  • not taking bath even after sweating

3. Kapha imbalance causes- There are lot of causes for the imbalance of pitta dosha.

  • excess of sweat, acidic, heavy and oily foods
  • consuming soft drinks and cold water.
  • overeating with no time intervals in consuming meals and water.
  • food like yogurt, rice, sea food and animal flesh can increase kapha
  • excessive sleep[ and poor appetite
  • laziness and lack of physical activity can increase kapha

so, we always need to balance the three doshas as per Ayurveda so that we can develop good health. so guys, that’s all for now, i hope that this does gives you a basic understanding of our body type and doshas. In my next blog I’ll be sharing how can you balance the doshas effectively with proper routine diet and excercise. so at last if you need to add anything to this blog do comment ?

Stay updated, stay healthy ?❤️

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